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MacDonald Carbide Company

About Us

Founded in 1967, MacDonald Carbide Company is a complete carbide manufacturer specializing in the production of cemented tungsten carbide products. Our process, which begins with the selection of the highest quality raw materials available, includes grade power manufacturing, pressing, preforming, and sintering in both vacuum and hydrogen furnaces. Centerless grinding and tumbling can also be provided for certain products.

At MacDonald Carbide Company excellence is the key word when it comes to manufacturing carbide products. All orders are carefully monitored throughout each manufacturing stage by experienced employees who take great pride in producing a superior product that meets all specifications. As a result of this continual monitoring process, our customers have the assurance of always receiving a quality product.

MacDonald Carbide Company's total commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence has consistently resulted in satisfied customers. Our superior skill, care, and advanced technology combined with our commitment to quality stand behind each and every product.

Our customers are the best judge of our products, and we frequently receive calls from them complimenting our workmanship, dimensional control, and metal quality. Their satisfaction is our best advertisement!

Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do on your future carbide requirements.

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