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State of the Art Process Technology

State of the Art Process Technology

In today's environment, we at MacDonald Carbide realize not only the need for a high quality product, but also for reduced costs, less scrap, and fewer errors. In order to accomplish these goals we use technology such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) enabling consistent close tolerances to be held in our products. Our process begins with the selection of the highest quality raw materials, including grade powder manufacturing, pressing, preforming, sintering, and for certain products

Surface Treatment

MacDonald Carbide has the capability to supply our customers with a carbide blan that does not have a surface treatment (A) or a carbide blan with a surace treated with Cobalt or Nickel If the carbide blan is to be welded or brazed the surace treatment that is shown above (B) wil enhance the strength of the bond between the carbide and the steel body that it is being attached to. This process is being done at MacDonald Carbide so the carbide blans would arive at your facility ready to be processed.

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